Friday, January 28, 2011

Toolbox CorelDRAW x5

The toolbox contains a range of tools that you can use for specific drawing and editing tasks. Some tools let you draw shapes, and other tools let you apply colors, patterns, or other types of fills to objects. Some tools belong to flyouts, which are groups of related tools. A small arrow in the lowerright corner of a toolbox button indicates that the tool belongs to a flyout. The last-used tool in the flyout appears on the button. You can access the tools in a flyout by clicking the flyout arrow.

The following section summarizes the main categories of tools that are available in the toolbox.

Pick tool
The Pick tool lets you select, size, skew, and rotate objects.

Shape tools
Shape tools let you draw many different shapes, including rectangles, ellipses, stars, polygons, and spirals. Additional tools in this category (not shown here) let you draw shapes such as smileys, arrows, banners, and flowcharts.

Shape editing tools
Shape editing tools let you change the shape of an existing object.

Zoom tool
The Zoom tool lets you change the magnification level in the document window.

Curve tools
Curve tools let you draw lines and curves, such as freehand lines, straight lines, and Bézier curves. You can also use the Artistic media tool to spray images, draw calligraphic lines, or add brushstrokes.

Cropping and erasing tools
Cropping and erasing tools let you remove parts of a document.

Text tool
The Text tool lets you type words directly on-screen as artistic or paragraph text.

Table tool
The Table tool lets you draw and edit tables.

Dimension tools
Dimension tools let you draw slanted, straight, and angular dimension lines to measure parts of objects in a document.

Connector tools
Connector tools let you draw lines that connect objects in diagrams
and flowcharts.

Interactive tools
Interactive tools let you apply special effects to objects, such as drop shadows, extrusions, contours, and transparencies.

Fill tools
Fill tools let you apply various fills to objects, such as uniform, interactive, and mesh fills.


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